January 23, 2011

Dutch Cigarette Advertisments - Light Up and Enjoy

Even though STARTS THURSDAY! is devoted primarily to motion picture coming attraction slides, I  can't resist sharing these gorgeous Dutch cigarette advertising slides.
Dutch or Belgian cigarette advertising slide (c. 1930-40)
These slides were located in Antwerp, and based on a handful of clues I am guessing at 1930-40 as the timeframe in which they were used in Dutch and/or Belgian cinemas.
Dutch or Belgian cigarette advertising slide (c. 1930-40)
The cigarette packaging provides the most obvious clues as to dating the slides.  The only non-English word is "rookt" the Dutch word meaning "smokes" which would have been appropriate for audiences in the Netherlands as well as Belgium.  Likewise, the prices denominated in cents would have been equally appropriate to Dutch Guilders and Belgian Francs.  
Dutch or Belgian cigarette advertising slide (c. 1930-40)
I have found several online sources (who knew so many people collected cigarette packages?) which have yielded several images of cigarette packs similar to those pictured, but all I have been able to glean thus far is that the North Cliff package is attributed to Holland.

Another hint may be the cigarette prices indicated in the advertising.  Though I'm certainly no expert on the price of European cigarettes, it seems that cigarettes priced at 15 to 20 cents per package would indicate a later timeframe.
Dutch or Belgian cigarette advertising slide (c. 1930-40)

I am eager to learn more about the timeframe and/or geographies  in which these slides may have been employed, so please comment below if you have information that can help fill in the gaps.

Otherwise, just sit back, relax and enjoy a nice North Cliff Extra Mild.


Image of North Cliff cigarette package from the Igor Sergeev's web site "The Biggest in the World Collection of Full Cigarette Packs."

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