October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Peggy!

Advertising Slide for Tips (1923)

This week we wish a glorious HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our good friend Diana Serra Cary!  Diana was born this week in 1918, a mere 92 years ago.  She came to fame (very) early in life as one of the first childhood mega-stars in her character "Baby Peggy."  During the course of her career (beginning at age 19 months!) she appeared in almost 150 comedy shorts for for Century Studios, before moving to Universal Studios 1923 to star in full-length feature films.

The Little Flower Girl (1922)
In recent years Diana has published a number of books recalling not only studio years, but also fascinating inquiries into the phenomenon of the child star.  Her books are not cheesy "as told to" Hollywood tales, but rather they are exceptionally well written and researched, and deserve a place on every film lover's book shelf.  I have personally read them all and you simply can't go wrong.
Diana currently lives is central California and is a wonderful personality and still very vibrant and active.  She is a great friend of the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum as well as the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, and is treasured by everybody that has had the good fortune to meet her.
Diana at the 2010 San Francisco Silent Film Festival flanked (L to R) by Kevin Brownlow, David Shepherd, and Leonard Maltin
 Happy Birthday Diana!

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